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AirView Integration FAQs

The ResMed ReSupply™ + AirView™ integration, allows you to automatically enroll patients in ResMed ReSupply once they achieve initial compliance.

About the ResMed ReSupply + AirView integration

When you enable the ResMed ReSupply + AirView integration, AirView will look back 90 days and send all compliant patients to ResMed ReSupply as a onetime push.

After this push, it will only look at the previous day for patients who became compliant and create them in ResMed ReSupply. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of data does AirView send to ResMed ReSupply?

As part of the integration, AirView sends the following data to ResMed ReSupply:

  • Associated location
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Device serial number
  • Device type
  • Contact information (if available)
  • Payor/insurer information (if available)
  • Supply information (if available).

What if contact information was not entered in AirView?

The system accepts patients without contact information, but lists them as patients with incomplete profiles and creates a work item. You can update the patient profiles one at a time. Once you update the contact information, you must close the associated work item.

How do I get the most out of the AirView integration?

To get the most out of the ResMed ReSupply + AirView integration, we recommend you enter as much data as possible in AirView for each patient profile. At minimum, the system requires the patient's first name, last name and contact information to begin outreach.

Note: If the patient has no mask listed in AirView, ResMed ReSupply assigns a placeholder mask until you enter the correct information.

Enable the integration

To enable the integration, contact your ResMed ReSupply representative or Solutions Operations Specialist. 

Known limitations

One-way integration: AirView sends patient data to ResMed ReSupply only when patients achieve initial compliance (one time only).

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