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VGM integration

The ResMed ReSupply + VGM integration allows you to confirm supply requests in the platform and have the items automatically shipped to the patient via VGM Fulfillment. 

About the ResMed ReSupply + VGM integration

Before you enable the ResMed ReSupply + VGM integration, you will need to set up a service agreement with VGM fulfillment. This is done outside of ResMed ReSupply, but we can help put you in touch with a VGM Fulfillment representative. 

If you have any questions or decide to move forward, contact your ResMed ReSupply representative or Solutions Operations Specialist. 

Enable the integration

To enable the integration: 

  1. Obtain your VGM contract number. 
  2. From the Administration tab, click Organization details.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Under Organization fulfillment partners, select VGM.
  5. Enter contract number.
  6. Click Save.

Confirm a supply request using the integration

The integration has no effect on the process of confirming a supply request. The only difference is the statuses used by the platform once the supply request has been confirmed. 

ResMed ReSupply + VGM integration supply request statuses

These statuses are available if your account has the integration enabled. 

Status Description
Sent to fulfillment partner Confirms you have sent the supply request to the fulfillment partner for processing. 
Vendor hold Appears when the fulfillment partner provider places a hold on the supply request.
Late Appears when ResMed ReSupply hasn't received confirmation from the fulfillment partner that the supply request was fulfilled within 14 days.
Auto-canceled Appears if the fulfillment partner hasn't labeled the resupply request as shipped within 60 days of receiving the request. 
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