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Manage organization details

Role required: Organization administrator

To view or edit your organization's details: 

  1. From the Administration menu, select Organization details.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Edit.

From this page, you can edit the following fields:

Organization Details

  • Organization name: Your organization's name. 
  • NPI: Your organization's national provider identifier. 
  • Organization logo: Your organization's logo used in patient welcome letters. 
  • Customer service phone number: By default, when patients ask to speak with a live agent they are transferred to our client services team. If you want all of your patients sent to a different number, add the telephone number in this section. 


Call Schedule

  • Live call transfer notifications: With live call transfer, we call your patients using the automated phone system and automatically transfer them to a live agent after we confirm their identity. 
  • SMS (text message) notifications: Enable SMS (text message) notifications to alert your patients when they are eligible for supplies by text message.
  • Pronunciation of organization name (used in automated calls): Customize Interactive Voice Response (IVR) outreach by specifying the correct pronunciation of your organization's name. 
  • Organization's short name: Set a short name for your organization used in SMS (text message) notifications. 
  • Shipping and pickup options: Customize outreach messaging to let your patients know how their supplies will be delivered. 
    • Allow ____ day(s) to ship to patient: Lets your patients know the approximate number of days it will take for delivery of their supplies. This number is used in the patient questionnaire. 
    • Allow ____ day(s) before in-office pickup is available: Lets your patients know the approximate number of days it will take for an in-office pickup supply request to be ready for pickup.
    • Contact patient to complete request: Advises patients that they will be contacted by you prior to the Supply Request being fullfilled.


Supply Request

  • Daily supply request limit: Set a daily limit for the number of supply requests the platform creates. When the limit is met, all remaining calls are paused and pushed to the next day. 
  • Automatic insurance verification: Automatic insurance verification allows you to check a patient's insurance when a supply request is created.
  • Days until assumed shipped: Set the number of days before the system automatically changes the status of supply request from Confirmed to Assumed shipped
  • Organization fulfillment partners: ResMed ReSupply allows you to integrate with our third-party fulfillment partners, VGM and PPM.


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