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Assigning Protocols to Patients

In situations where a patient wants to request supplies, but they are not on an active outreach cycle we can manually assign/adjust the system.

Assigning Protocol

  1. Select the appropriate protocol from the Selected Protocol dropdown. You can verify the kind of outreach cycle either by looking at the Protocol Name (as shown to the right) or by looking at the Protocol tab in the patient's account.
  2. Change the Schedule Date to today's date.
  3. Select the patient by clicking the checkbox at the left-hand side of their row.
  4. Click on Assign Protocol To Selected Patients.

If a patient wants to change the timeframe for the system's active outreach, you can follow the steps to change the Schedule Date found in this article.



Not On Therapy 

We have all had calls where the patient has said "No" to being on therapy, when in fact they are still using their equipment. When this happens, we must ensure the patient’s account status is changed back to None PRIOR to resetting the protocol and completing it.

From the Demographics tab, be sure the Status is change from Not On Therapy to none and click saveThen go back to List Patients, reset the protocol, and complete it with the patient.

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