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Closing Open Tasks

Agents need to regularly close open tasks to ensure that our RMRS database stays fast and responsive.

  1. In ResMed ReSupply, click on the My Tasks tab at the top of the page.
  1. Search the Created By field using your last name. If your last name is common, enter your last name, then a space, comma, space, and your first name. (e.g. Smith, John). Press Enter; your open cases may fill one or more pages; most cases requiring a manual close will be labeled either Callbacks or Others
  • Callback tasks are waiting to be reviewed by the HMEs, so we should not be closing these kinds of tasks. To keep mistakes at a minimum, refine your search by adding the word Other to the Task Type field.

When reviewing your tasks, double check to make sure that all of your Callback tasks are for task only HMEs. To review the list of task only HMEs, click here.

  1. Once all of the Other tasks load, you’ll have to close each task individually. To do this, click on the clipboard_ea2789a9d6eddd4fd216a146e48e33fb0.png in the Actions column - this will open the patient's account. From here, click on the clipboard_e41e2bb69914ff160da351a359b884c0e.png button to close the task. To ensure best practices, look under the Task Type tab to confirm that you’re only closing Other tasks.
  1. If you click on My Tasks, it will now automatically bring up a list of your tasks. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as many times as needed to close all of your open tasks.

As a helpful hint please always ensure you are selecting the correct task type. 

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