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Creating a Spanish Callback (1.0)

There may be times when you need to interact with a Spanish speaking patient. This document will lay out what steps should be taken to best assist them.

If you receive a call from a patient who speaks Spanish, or if during a call a patient would rather speak with someone who speaks Spanish, we should do everything we can to assist them. 

  1. Check in Teams if any of our Spanish speaking agents are available to take a call. 

If a Spanish speaking agent is available...

If there is no Spanish speaking agent available...

  1. Advise the patient that you will be transferring them. If you would like, you can try telling the patient in Spanish by saying the following:

"Hola, no hablo espanol, le voy a transfirir a un agente que hable espanol, espere un momento."

(Hello, I don't speak Spanish, I'm going to transfer your call to a Spanish speaking agent.)

  1. Advise the patient that there are no Spanish speaking agents available at the moment, but someone will be calling them back as soon as possible. If you want to try advising them in Spanish, say the following:

"En estos momentos, el agente no esta disponible, lellamara mas tarde."

(At this moment, the agent is not available, they will call you back later.)

  1. Transfer the call using either ININ or Salesforce.
  1. Create a Salesforce case with the following details:
  • Status should be In Progress
  • Support Category should be Call Back
  • Subject should be Spanish Call Back Request


  1. Go to the Open Activities section of your Salesforce case and click on New Task


4b. Make the following changes to your New Task:

  • Click on the magnifying glass and search for the CSR that has been assigned to you. 
  • Type will be changed to Non-English Call
  • Status will be changed to In Progress

After making these changes, click on Save.

An email will be sent to the Spanish representative to advise that you have assigned them a Callback Task. This email will include the Case number. Ensure you have created the case under the patient profile in Salesforce so the CSR can easily locate the patient in ReSupply.

Once the Spanish CSR has completed the callback, they will mark the task and case as complete.
  1. Create an Add Other Task in ResMed ReSupply. This task should include the case number, who the case has been assigned to and when the case was created.

Example: Spanish patient requesting callback. SFDC case 01234567 assigned to (Spanish CSR name) 10/23/2018 06:55

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