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Fastrack HMEs and Task Only HMEs

There are some HMEs that we need to take different steps with when handling requests. This article will provide guidance on additional steps that need to be taken with patients for these kinds of HMEs.

Fastrack HMEs


Fastrack HMEs have their supply requests compiled by ResMed using the patient supply request history and specific item requests left by our team. For this reason, when dealing with Fastrack accounts, we need to leave any specific information regarding the patient's CPAP supply order as a note.

If the patient is calling in for any of the following requests:

  • Specific Item Request (for items found in CPAP kits only)
  • Size Changes
  • Extra Item Request (CPAP only)
  • Item/Order Cancellation

check the Tasks for Patient section of the Tasks tab to see if there is an open order task similar to the following:



The following HMEs are fastrack HMEs (as of 04/16/2019):

  • Lifespan Home Medical

If the task is open, add a Patient note and an Add Other Task indicating the change that is needed. 


If the patient has a medicare protocol, we need to confirm if the additional item(s) is damaged and/or dirty, as well as how many of the item(s) the patient has on hand.

For closed tasks 

If the task is closed (or for any other concern that requires HME engagement) e-mail the HME.


Unlike other type of HMEs, if a fastrack patient has previously placed an order for supplies we have the ability to review what equipment they have. By clicking on the Sales Orders tab on the patient's account, you will be able to see items that were previously requested for them (as shown below).



Task Only HMEs


For Task Only Accounts, we do not call or email; you must use the Add Callback Task to leave notes for the HME. Using the other task options may cause the HME to miss important details as they generally do not run reports for these tasks. When leaving callback tasks for the HME, please follow similar guidelines as you would if you were sending an email an HME.

Please refer to the HME Task Templates document for quick access to templates which can be used to leave a Callback Task for an HME.



The following HMEs are Task Only HMEs (as of 07/09/2019):

  • Bioscrip Professional Homecare Services (Bioscrip - Cromwell)
  • Hart Medical Equipment
  • Dickinson Home Medical Equipment
  • Midwest Medical Equipment