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Resetting a Patient's Portal Password (ReSupply 1.0)


A potential issue has been identified where patients are unable to log into their account using their email and password and resetting the password does not resolve the issue. If this happens, please have the patient try to use their phone number and password instead. This has been found to resolve the situation.

  1. If the patient does not remember their password, we can send them a password reset email. To send this email, click on the Send Password Reset Email button on the Demographics tab of the patient's account.
  1. The patient will receive the following email to the email address on listed on their account:


If the patient asks, the link is only valid for 24 hours so it is important that they reset their password as soon as possible.

  1. When the patient clicks on the provided link to reset their password, they will be brought to this web page:



  1. The password requirements are as such:



4a. When the patient logs in outside of their active outreach window they will be able to click on Request Sleep Apnea Supplies to complete a supply request:


4b. When the patient logs in during their active outreach window, they will be able to click on Begin to complete a supply request:


  1. The patient will see the following tabs in their portal:
    • Edit My Information - This tab allows the patient to update their address details.
    • Edit Phone and Schedule - This tab allows the patient to update their phone number and choose the best time they are available to be reached by phone. (When specifying a timeframe for outreach, it must be a minimum 4-hour window for ONE day of the week. Time zone is based on the area code for the phone number on file.)
    • Edit Insurance - This tab allows the patient to update their insurance details.
    • Edit Preferences - This tab allows the patient to specify how they want to be notified about ReSupply.
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