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Activating and Navigating a Patient's Online Profile

The purpose of this article is to provide an example of what patients see when they log in to their online profile.

Activating a Patient's Online Portal Account 

Before beginning this process, make sure there is an email address on the patient's profile before going through these steps.
  1. Have the patient to go and click on the Activate your account link underneath the Login button.









  1. Have the patient put in their email address as well as the four-digit year of birth in the appropriate fields (as shown to the right)


  1. Have the patient click on Continue and the account activation email will be sent to the patient. While the patient should receive their activation email shortly after completing this, it may take up to 24 hours for the email to be received.
If the patient is struggling with these instructions, you can offer to send the account activation email to the patient. To do so, click here and put in the patient's email address and year of birth, then click Continue.





  1. If helping a patient set-up their password, they will need to adhere to the following restrictions:
    • The patient's password must be between 8-16 characters

    • Cannot contain the same character more than three times in a row

    • Cannot match the patient’s username (ie. their email address)

    • Has to be unique

      • Cannot be one of the previous 10 passwords

      • Cannot be a password used in the past 12 months

    • Must contain all of the following types of characters:

      • Upper case letter

      • Lower case letter

      • Number

      • Special character



If patient is on an active outreach  

After logging in, the patient will be presented with the option to begin the questionnaire. The patient can navigate away from this by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

If the patient clicks on the Request supplies button, the wellness check will start and the patient can continue the same way we would by following the questionnaire in ReSupply.



If patient is not on an active outreach  
After logging in, patients will be presented with the following three options: clipboard_e5f3bdfa5e7b53b0a5cdab39d4568fd43.png
  1. Clicking on Request new supplies will allow patients to request new supplies. Patient can also 
  1. After selecting the items they want to request, patients can click on Next to confirm their requested items and their address. Patients cannot change their address at this point. They would need to update their profile prior to confirming their order. If a patient has reached this screen and needs to change their address, they can click on the Home link at the top of the page. After clicking on Confirm, the patient’s order will be submitted.
  1. Clicking on Contact us to request other supplies the patient will be presented with a screen where they can send us a message with a special request
  1. Clicking on Review my profile allows a patient to review their demographic, insurance, and HME information. Patients can also update their outreach preferences under the My Notifications section of this screen. Each section can be edited by clicking on the Edit button underneath each section, making the necessary changes, then clicking on Save.



Top Menu  

The links at the top of the profile have the following functions:

Home - this will bring the patient back to the main page, which will either have the button to launch the questionnaire or the three buttons described above


Supply requests - this will allow patients to review their previous supply requests (as shown to the right). By clicking on the supply request number, patients will be able to review what items were requested


Messages - patients can send us messages using this section of their profile


If a patient hovers over their name in the upper right-hand corner, they will be shown the following menu:

  • My profile takes the patient to the Review my profile section
  • Contact us brings the patient to the Messages section 








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