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Canceling a Supply Request

This article will provide some assistance on what steps to take to attempt to cancel a supply request after it has been submitted. 

When following this process, we should never guarantee a patient that we can cancel their supply request. Instead, we should assure them that we will do everything within our power to try to cancel their request.

The steps required to attempt to cancel a supply request depends on the status an order is in.

Order Status Actions
Confirmed / Sent to fulfillment partner We can attempt to cancel requests in this status by sending a Customer Message work item to the HME.
On Hold / Pending / Vendor Hold Requests in this status can attempt to be canceled by adding a note to the supply request.
Assumed Shipped / Shipped / Closed / Late Supply requests in these statuses will not be able to be canceled. Patients should be advised to contact their HME to inquire about return policies (unless the information is available in Salesforce). If the HME's return policy is provided in Salesforce, we should be advising the patient about the return timeframe.
Canceled/Auto-cancelled As requests in this status are already in a canceled state, you should not need to cancel these requests.
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