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Changing a Patient's Contact Details


You can view the list of call preference options within the patient's profile. You can modify the time of day that calls are made and indicate whether calls on Saturdays are allowed. You can also change the time zone if the patient lives outside their HME's time zone.




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When I update a patient's email address, or it is updated by a patient import, is there a record of the change?

Yes, you can view all changes that affect a patient's profile on the patient's Timeline page.


Step-by-step instructions

Updating contact information and preferences

You can modify, add or delete contact information and preferences from a patient file.

To edit contact information and preferences

  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients.
  2. From the list, select the patient name.
  3. Click the Patient details link.
  4. From the Patient details tab, under Contact information, click Edit.
  5. Enter all necessary information—contact method, email, area code and number, type, calling hours/days and time zone (if applicable).
  6. Click Save.

When you click Edit you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Do Not Contact - No outreach to patient’s however, they will still be able to call and place orders for supplies (this option should be chosen if a patient wants to unsubscribe)
  • Email - Allows for emails to be sent to the patient using email address on file during their active outreach window
  • Automated call -  Allows for the automated system to reach out to the patient, using their primary contact number, during their active outreach window.
  •  Text Message (SMS) - Allows for patients to receive SMS reminders about their supplies. (These should not be referred to as text messages as they can be received on other devices such as tablets)

Live Call and Text Message (SMS) 

Text message (SMS) and Live call will only work if enabled at organization level. At this time, we do not currently support any HMEs where these are valid contact options.

If you make any changes to the patient's demographic details, remember that you will need to advise the HME of the change via a work item or a note on the patient's supply request (if updating via a supply request)

Steps to Help a Patient Change their Contact Method

  1. After the patient logs in to their account, have them click on the Review My Profile button.
  1. Under the My notifications section, have the patient click on Edit
  1. This screen will allow the patient to choose whatever contact method they prefer. Only the contact options that the HME has opted into will be available (options that are not available will be greyed out). 


  1. After the patient is done selecting their contact option(s), advise them to click on Save