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Inactivating a Patient's Account (2.0)

This article will review how to opt a patient out of receiving communications from ReSupply. 

Do not deactivate patients!

In Resupply 2.0, there is a difference between opting a patient out and inactivating them. We should not be inactivating patient's accounts - if a patient does not want to be contacted anymore, follow the instructions laid out below.

  1. Go to the Patient details tab on the patient's account, scroll down to the Contact information section and click on edit.
  1. Change the patient's contact method to Do not contact and click on SaveThis will still allow the patient to log-in or call in and order supplies, but discontinues the outbound calls/emails.
  1. If the patient does not want to be contacted for the following reasons, you will need to take an additional step:
    • If the patient indicates that they are no longer with the HME, we must create a Customer Message work item notifying the current HME. This will allow the HME to reach out to the patient, confirm if they have changed, and update their billing system.
    • If the patient indicates that they no longer wish to be contacted, you must create a Customer Message work item to advise the HME. This will allow the HME to follow up with the patient on the importance of resupply and/or update their billing system and our platform accordingly. This will only need to be sent if the patient either does not have an email address or does not want to provide/use email contact

Do Not Contact Template:

Patient is requesting to stop all outreach from the Resupply Program. Please inactivate the patient in ResMed ReSupply and follow up with patient directly. Thank you.

Before turning off contact for patients, remember to offer the option of adding an email address to their account and directing them to log in to the website to request supplies. Unlike 1.0, patients can remain active in ReSupply 2.0 without receiving any outreach.