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Requesting Supplies Outside of Active Outreach (Resupply 2.0)

If a patient calls in when there is not an Open Call Script and wants to request supplies we will need to create a New Supply Request. This article will provide instructions on how to do so.  

Before beginning this process, check the patient's timeline to see if they have already placed a supply request through the automated system. We need to check this to avoid accidentally submitting a duplicate request for the patient's items.

  1. Select New supply request - this can either be done from the All patients page by clicking on the link after clicking on the patient's name OR by clicking on the button in the upper right-hand corner of the Patient details tab of the patient's profile.

If you need to check on which items the patient is eligible for, click on the Show items link and a list of the patient's eligible items will be shown. After checking the eligibility, you may want to to copy/paste this list into your notepad in case the patient asks you about it later.




  1. If the patient is eligible for any items, they will automatically be put on the supply request. If the patient does not wish to request a particular item, you will need to click on Remove under the Requested supplies section. If the patient wants to request an item that they are not eligible for, the type of item will need to be selected from the drop-down under the Item column and click Add. There is no need to select a HCPCs code or product description, although we do encourage to add it if the patient has the information.
    • If the patient is 100% positive of the equipment/supply they use, you are certainly able to specify the exact item during their supply request

    • If the patient is not 100% sure of the equipment/supply they use, do not add a description to the supply request. Use the supply type and a HCPC and Add the item to the request 

If there are any items that auto-populate in this list that the patient is NOT eligible for, we need to make sure we are removing these item(s) from the supply request. Otherwise, the HME may not be able to put the supply request through. 

  1. The Eligibility summary shows how many of each item a patient is eligible for. This is also the section of the supply request where you MUST put in the patient's Replacement reason (i.e. if the patient's item is damaged or dirty) as well as the Quantity on Hand of brand new or unused of each item they are replacing. If you remove the item from the request in the previous step, you will not need to put in a replacement reason or a quantity for that item.
  1. Verify the shipping information.

If you need to update the patient's address while creating a supply request, you will need to select the check box located underneath the shipping address field. If the address is only a seasonal or temporary address, then leave the checkbox blank.

If you update a patient's address, you will need to advise the HME by adding a note to the patient's supply request.

  1. If the patient requests supplies that are not available in the Item drop down, add a note at the end of the supply request listing the supplies that the patient would like to request.
  2. The special instructions field should include any specific delivery requirements that the patient has (ie. if they need to have a delivery made to a specific door or a particular buzz code)
  3. Click Save to complete the request.



If you need to update a patient's insurance while requesting supplies this way, we need to communicate that a change has occurred to the HME by adding a note to the supply request.

When updating a patient's demographic details (including their email address) we need to make sure we are specifying which piece of information is being updated (ie. phone number, address, email, etc.) in our note.

Gathering email addresses

After saving, check to see if there is an e-mail address on the patient's account and if there isn't one, ask the patient for one. The e-mail address can be found at the top of their profile page or under Patient details in the Contact information section. If you add an email address to a patient's profile, you MUST make sure you are changing/adding email as a preferred contact method. If the patient does not have an e-mail address or does not wish to provide one, this information should be captured under Notes