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Resolving Spanish Callbacks

These are the steps you would follow once you have received a callback request for one of our Spanish speaking patients.


Receiving the Task

  1. When you have been assigned a callback for a Spanish speaking patient, you will receive an e-mail similar to the one shown on the right.


  1. Clicking on the link will automatically open the task that has been assigned to you. You will also need to search the Case number in Salesforce.
Closing the Task, Note and Case   
  1. Go to the Task and click on Edit
  • Change the Status to Completed and click on Save
  1. In ReSupply, go to the Notes tab on the patient's profile and click on the Flag for the note of the call back. In the pop up, advise that the patient has been contacted and include a small summary of your interaction (or if you left a voicemail if you were unable to reach the patient). Click on Save to finish this step.



  1. Go to the case in Salesforce and change the Support Category and Subject to the appropriate options related to your callback. Do not change the Case Owner and leave an appropriate description in the Resolution field.


  1. Change the Status on the case to Closed and click on Save.
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