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Main Page Functions (ReSupply 2.x)

A great deal of information can be easily found from the main search page in ReSupply 2.x. This article will provide some tips on how to get the most out of the platform.


Column 1 - Patient Name  

This column allows you to quickly jump to whatever tab on a patient's profile that you need to by left-clicking on the patient's name and selecting the tab you need. Additionally, you can also launch the questionnaire if the patient is in active outreach and check to see what item(s) a patient is eligible for. 

  1. Left-click on the patient's name to get access to this menu:

Left-clicking on Open Call Script/New Supply Request will immediately take you to either the questionnaire or the supply request form and save you time on your calls!



  1. Click on Show Items to see which items the patient is currently eligible for! 

After looking at what item(s) a patient is eligible for, it might be a good idea to copy/paste the items onto your notepad so you can quickly refer to them later.






Column 2 - Patient Status Alerts  

The space between the patient's name and date of birth can have different icons that can indicate important account information.

clipboard_e6f6f26ae0028f2bb085d2e0f219fc1fb.png - This icon indicates that the patient is currently on an active outreach (ie. an active call script). This means our automated system is trying to get in touch with the patient.

clipboard_e35b06e5907c7197aefc3d818634f08ac.png - This icon shows that any outbound contact to the patient is paused. This does not mean that the patient is inactive though, so we are able to assist them by placing supply requests.

clipboard_ed02b4d31b5ad03a7bbe2db56f51c760c.png - This icon shows that there are some flagged notes on the patient's account. After verifying the account, if you click on the flag icon you will be taken to the Notes tab where you can read the important information. The number next to the flag indicates the number of flagged notes there are on the account.



Column 3 & 4 - Patient Date of Birth & Phone Number  
There is no additional information to be gained from these columns, but as the Date of Birth is shown, you are able to verify the patient's account without opening it.  


Column 5 - Contact Method  



This column shows what contact methods the patient is currently receiving outreach to (see to the right for a guide as to what contact methods the different icons represent). 



Another great feature of this column is that you can preview what phone number(s) and email address a patient has associated with their account. If you hover your mouse cursor over the contact method icon for the patient, a pop-up will appear showing you the contact details for the patient.

clipboard_ef4eabde53daf305887ae93532d6f8497.png - Do Not Contact clipboard_eb6b570af1a1743883b935f0eb1a9f31e.png - Email Only
clipboard_eb189cd0d2338c0594689f9e236bc0d5a.png - Automated Call Only clipboard_e7066c795f386bc2d83602f832f2a7c5e.png - Text/SMS Only
clipboard_e89d63757dd82abf2a87797fc6a5d067b.png - Live Call Only clipboard_e2128ab26865896f7858bb98056fdf67d.png - Automated Calls and Emails
clipboard_e4aced94f630c3e9b967a5d08d8903a6b.png - Live Call, Email, and Text/SMS clipboard_e50952e64093fa21a204986cfe9ed4fcd.png - Live Call and Email 
clipboard_e81888243f370213ab93da224ad846501.png - Live Call, Email, and Text/SMS  

It is important to remember that if the patient wants to have Text/SMS enabled (when it is a valid option), ReSupply does not have the ability to activate this method of contact. The patient needs to log-in to their online account to enable it. Live Call and Text/SMS are not currently available, but may become active in the future.

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