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Adding Views in ININ

ININ has a number of useful tabs that you can add to your desktop interface. 

  1. To add one of these views, click on File > New > View.
  1. To gain access to the available views, you will need to change the Group by dropdown to Categories

Here is a list of views you may want to add to your ININ

  • Queues > My Interactions – This view will show you the current items you are working on (ie. current calls and open e-mails) 

  • Call History – this will allow you to view your previous calls 

  • Dial Pad – creates a virtual dial pad for your phone 

  • Interaction Optimizer > My Schedule – this will allow pop-ups to remind you of when you are supposed to go to break, lunch, or if you have any meetings scheduled on your Outlook calendar. 

  • Statistics > Workgroup Statistics – this will allow you to monitor your queue(s) to see if there are calls waiting or to see how many are available. (This option will give you a large list of queues that you can monitor. You can close most of these, but the one you will want to leave open is US4_ResupplyQueue)

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