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After Hours and Weekend System Outage

There may be times when you experience an issue with systems, but your supervisor(s) and coach may not be in. These are the steps to follow in this circumstance.

If we begin to have internet or platform issues, we need to determine where the issue is originating. There is an easy way to confirm if the issue is the internet or the platform(s) you are using: bring up a browser. If the browser is working we have a platform issue, not an internet issue.

Once we have determined the cause:

  1. Wait five minutes to see if the issue resolves itself (as it often does). In the meantime, check with other team members to see if it is an individual issue or if there are multiple people affected.
  2. If the issue does not resolve itself, open your ServiceNow (SNOW) app on your desktop. You should already be logged in - if you are not, the username and password should be the same credentials to login to your computer.


  1. Once logged in, select My Workspace
  1. On the right hand side there will be several options to choose from. You need to choose the option New Incident. Once selected, the page will then change and you can fill out the information as follows (and any other information you might have).


SNOW Ticket - Internet issue example:


Example description:

Our systems are not working due to internet connection. There is a small group of us working today and none of us are able to get online and help our patients at the moment. 

SNOW Ticket - Platform issue example:


Example description:

ReSupply 1.0 and 2.0 are down for all of us working today. We have ruled out that it is not the internet connection. We have also waited a few minutes to make sure the issue did not resolve itself.


  1. After filling out the fields, click Submit to create your SNOW Ticket. You will be provided with an incident number. 
  2. Send an e-mail (including the incident number in the subject line) to the appropriate team as outlined below.


All of the groups/names below in bold can be searched for in your Outlook address book. Remember to cc your supervisor(s) on any e-mails regarding system outages.


If internet is working & ReSupply 1.0 is not... E-mail the ApplicationSupport-Resupply distribution list.
If internet is working & ReSupply 2.0 is not... E-mail the ApplicationSupport-Refresh distribution list. 
If internet is working & Salesforce is not... 

E-mail Marcia Edlefsen and Jovell Loy Bee Ying.

If internet or hard phones are not working... Use your cellphone to call ResMed IT Service Desk at 1-858-836-5555.
If ININ is not working... E-mail Leo DoironTammy Sands and Nader Omar. If Leo, Tammy and Nader are unreachable or if after hours Monday - Friday, e-mail Bernard Pulopot and Shawn Brennan.

If the system is down altogether or an urgent issue arises, you may call the number below and leave a voicemail for the technician to call you back.

  • Onsite users -  dial Ext. 305555 (cisco desk phone)
  • Offsite users - dial 858-836-5555, press 9 for business critical issues

While you are waiting... 

continue to take calls. Utilize Salesforce (if available) and write your notes in the description box. Once the system is back up please copy what notes you do have over to RRS when you have a chance. You can leave the Salesforce cases as in progress and close them when able to. If Salesforce is not available, you can use Word or Notepad to copy down your case details.

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