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Completing an Email Interaction In ININ


  1. When you receive an e-mail, you will receive an ININ alert that looks like the one to the right.
  • To acknowledge the e-mail, you can either click on the Pickup button in ININ or on the alert itself. If you are logged in to the phone in Salesforce, the case will automatically populate in Salesforce. If you are not logged in to the Salesforce phone, you will need to search the 8 digit case number in Salesforce.
  1. Next, to assign the case to yourself you will first need to click on the Change link in the Case Owner field in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • It is very important to follow this step to ensure that you are credited for working the e-mail.
  • If you accidentally close the e-mail before you have assigned it to yourself, you can find the case number on your ININ desktop interface. Simply search the case number in Salesforce


  1. Now that the case has been assigned, work the case as appropriate. For further instructions on what to do, please review How to Send an e-mail in Salesforce. Please remember to copy the e-mail into the patient’s account in ResMedReSupply. 

For ResMed ReSupply 2.0, type a brief summary of the email and a brief summary of the resolution should be added as a note on the patient's account. For interactions where the patient's HME needs to be engaged, a work item will need to be created. For more details on how to create notes and work items, see this article

Any responses to patients should be sent through Salesforce, not through ReSupply.

  1. After working the case, you will need to close the case. This is very similar to handling a case from a call with a few exceptions:
  • For the Status field, you may have to choose Closed – No Action. This option should only be chosen if you do not have to send an e-mail as a part of resolving the case.
  • It is likely that you will have to link either the patient’s account or the HME’s account (if the patient does not have an account in ReSupply). Please see either the Locating an HME in Salesforce document or Locating a Patient in Salesforce document as needed.
  • For any other required assistance with saving the case in Salesforce, please see the Creating Cases in Salesforce document.
  1. Now that you are done with your e-mail, click on the case number on your ININ desktop interface, followed by the Disconnect button.

When you receive an email in Salesforce, you must complete the email case and close it before disconnecting and allowing another email to be assigned to you. The only exception is when you receive a voicemail; these must be assigned to yourself and disconnected immediately to be completed at a later time as specified by a team lead. 

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