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Handling BOT/Robo Calls

Many of us have experienced infamous BOT calls; it will appear that you are speaking with a patient, but they will repeat themselves, often fill in silences with "uh huhs" or "mm hmms", talk to other people and when you stop responding they will try to engage you again.

These BOTs are meant to deter telemarketers and they’re pretty effective!

Answer Bots are pre-recorded audio files that are played back to spam robocallers to trick them into having long conversations with an imaginary friend. There are many 'Answer Bots' to choose from that range from mildly annoying to downright hysterical; you can choose whichever ones you like, make your own (iOS only), or even disable them with a very polite but to-the-point recording.

One example of a BOT call can be found by clicking the link below (please use headphones if listening so as not to distract those around you from actual calls):

We want patients to know that their HME is trying to reach them. First, create a task in RSS to advise, as well as a Salesforce case. You can disconnect the call, taking note of the phone number and call the patient back. If you get a voice mail, advise the patient of who you are and why you are calling, providing the number for Faith/Anita 877-559-1620, as well as our direct number 888-333-1456 so the patient can note this is a valid number and not a telemarketer. If speaking with a 2.0 patient, provide them with 844-371-8195 instead.


When leaving a voice mail we want to use these basic guidelines:

  • Your name
  • ResMed ReSupply calling for (HME name)
  • Who you are trying to reach
  • Request for them to call back at 877-559-1620 or 888-333-1456 (or 844-371-8195  for 2.x customers)

Example: “Hi, my name is Tammy with ResMed ReSupply. I am calling on behalf of Norco for Jane Doe. We are looking to speak with Jane directly, please call us back at 877-559-1620 or 888-333-1456 and we will be happy to assist you. Have a great day!”

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