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Handling Save Opportunities

This article will provide a definition of when it is appropriate to track a patient encounter as a save opportunity, and which save category should be selected.

There may be times when a patient requests to opt-out from the ReSupply system. This may be due a number of reasons, but we shouldn’t give up on these patients. If you are able to educate the patient or provide them great service that changes their mind, these should be tracked as a save in Salesforce. Regardless of if your interaction requires you to save a patient, you will still need to select one of the option given below to close your Salesforce case.  
In order to qualify as a save opportunity, a patient must state that they do not wish to be contacted. There are also some Support Categories that do not provide a save opportunity. For example, if the result of your interaction is opting the patient out, under no circumstances can this qualify as a save opportunity; the same goes for any dead air calls. The interaction also cannot be via email, as we can’t save a patient who doesn’t speak with us (this includes caretakers or others who can verify the patient’s account). We also cannot save a patient who is already inactivated, will not verify their account or does not appear in Salesforce (ie. Sparrow patients).  

Below are the different Save Reasons that you can choose from when creating your Salesforce case, along with a description of when you should select them:

Patient Education – Supplies/Therapy – should be chosen when a patient wants to unsubscribe, but you were able to educate them about their equipment and they changed their mind. This option would also be applicable if we educate the patient about an aspect of their therapy that keeps them active in the ReSupply program.

Patient Education – Platform - should be chosen when a patient wants to unsubscribe, but you were able to explain to them how the ReSupply system works or explain how the patient portal works.

Contact Method Change – should be chosen if a patient does not want to be contacted by their current method, but you are able to keep them active by changing them to a different contact method (ie. if they do not want to receive phone calls, but would like to be contacted by e-mail instead)

Clinical – Refer to HME – should be chosen if a patient is saved because we convinced them to speak with a respiratory therapist to try to improve their therapy results.

N/A – this option should be selected if your interaction either did not require you to save a patient or if you were unsuccessful in saving the patient.

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