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How to Work From Home

This document will outline what connections you will need to make in order to work from home.

Follow these steps in order!

It is crucial that these connections are made in the order that they are laid out in this article. If you try to connect to ININ or the Salesforce phone before connecting to the VPN you will receive errors. You should also reboot your laptop

Pre-Connection Steps


There are a few steps you should take before attempting to connect any of your systems:

  1. Reboot your laptop and let it finish fully rebooting before attempting to open any systems
  2. Make sure your laptop is connected to the internet
  3. Send an e-mail to no less than 1 hour before your shift is supposed to start to advise that you will be working from home


Connecting to the VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it will allow us to connect to ResMed’s Private network in order to use the systems we need to work with. In our case, ININ will not work if you are not connected to the VPN. 

You will need your work cell phone to connect to the VPN using your VIP Access app.
  1. To connect to the VPN, you will need to log in through Pulse Secure on your computer. Launch Pulse Secure from the search window or by opening your system tray and double-clicking on the icon.
  1. You should see the following app. Press Connect next to the Halifax connection option.

Only Connect to AMERICAS 

Do not use 'AMERICAS – Halifax' this connection will produce a network error and not allow you to connect.

  1. A new window will open, log in with your ResMed domain credentials.
  1. Pulse Secure should now ask you for a secondary password, this is where you will need to open the VIP Access app from your work cell phone:
clipboard_e44795e8d3859617f67867f4195c0df03.png   clipboard_e27c8640523b463bcb714e30335b70b9e.png
  1. Your secondary password will be the security code that refreshes every 30 seconds.

If no secondary password is entered in the following two minutes, Pulse Secure will ask you to restart the log in process with your ResMed credentials.

  1. Once connected, select the Umbian, then click connect. You should now be connected to the VPN.
clipboard_ea6355749ec4ed53fb9490eef8e9a08dd.png  clipboard_e8fe1be8c802173f2ed5257f654261016.png

There is an on-going issue when trying to use both ININ and the Salesforce phone at the same time. It is preferred that you use the ININ phone, but if you prefer, you can use the Salesforce phone when working from home. If you do choose to use the phone in Salesforce, it is recommended to refresh your Salesforce page every 15-30 minutes to ensure the phone stays connected.

Cisco IP Communicator and Connecting ININ

ININ is normally connected to your desk phone, since we will be at home we will need a soft phone that will replace the desk phone in order to take calls. Cisco IP Communicator will be your soft phone.  

To start your Cisco IP Communicator please follow these instructions:

  1. Open Cisco IP Communicator from your desktop, if not in your desktop, launch it from the search window.
  2. Open ININ. ININ should automatically recognize that you are using the Cisco IP Communicator
clipboard_e1c987643ec580b171eec12c5382a7e89.png  clipboard_efb6c657a14ff33f8a00256b136040978.png

2a. In case that ININ did not recognize the Cisco IP Communicator, you can manually do the change with these instructions:

  1. In ININ, go to File > Change Station
  2. By default, it will be say Workstation. You will change this to Remote Number by selecting it from the drop down menu.
  3. Your Remote Number (6- digit number) will be in the Cisco IP Communicator, next to your name.
  4. Once you have entered the remote number, press Change Station. You should now be able to take phone calls.

Double check to make sure the headphones light on IP Communicator is lit up. Otherwise, you won't be able to hear your patients and they won't be able to hear you! You may need to click on this button to turn it on.



  1. Once back at the office, simply revert the Station Type back to Workstation.

Make sure that Cisco IP Communicator is closed when working at the office.


Cisco IP Communicator and the Salesforce Phone

If using Salesforce phone instead of ININ, follow the steps below after following step 1 of the previous section.  
  1. In the Salesforce phone, click on the clipboard_ebae4c23dd50d1869a53fcaee9678571d.png icon to bring up the following options:
clipboard_e4bde22de248355b4443cd9d1f5db3359.png  clipboard_efbf800c58810daf35a9ea7c0e830dd14.png
  1. Click on the edit or the clipboard_e4362125b1c9cc16a2004f5f82e0fb305.png icon next to your 4-digit extension, to launch Select Station
  2. By Default, it will be say Workstation. You will change this to Remote Number by selecting it from the drop down menu. Then enter your remote number (6-digit number next to your name in Cisco IP Communicator.
  3. Once you have entered the remote number, press Select. You should now be able to take phone calls.


How to Adjust your Microphone Volume


Since we will be using a different headset, we will need to adjust the Input Volume so our customers can hear us better.

  1. Launch the Playback Devices window by double-clicking the volume icon from your system tray.


  1. Select the Recording tab and double click on the Microphone.


  1. Select the Levels tab and make sure it matches the image on the left.


  1. Press OK to save the changes.

Once these connections are made, you should be able to launch the necessary programs to work from home!

ReSupply 1.0:

ReSupply 2.0:


Interaction Optimizer:

If you are experiencing any technical issues while working from home, please review the document here.

Tips for using IP Communicator

  1. If you do place an outbound call through Interaction Desktop, you will need to answer the call by clicking on the Answer button on IP Communicator (as shown below)



  1. The first time you try to place an outbound call through IP Communicator, you may receive the following alert:


If you do, click on Cancel and redial the number you were calling. This should only appear the first time you dial out.



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