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Live Transfer Protocol (LTP)

This article will provide information on how to identify patient who are on a LTP and what process differences there are.

Identifying an LTP Patient
  1. There are two ways to easily identify a patient as an LTP patient:
    1. In the Timeline for RRS 1.0, you will see the protocol assigned has the letters LCT at the end. ( ie. Sleep Replenish LCT, Sleep Monthly LCT, Sleep Medicare LCT, etc.) 



  1. If you are using ININ, you will see the queue indicator show US4_ResupplyLTP.




Currently, the two HMEs using LTP are Sleep Remedies and Fletchers Medical; however, not all of their patients are part of this pilot. Additionally, we hope to increase this overtime; therefore, your best indicator for determining if the patient is part of this pilot is by looking at the name of the protocol in RRS, as shown above.

When creating your case in Salesforce, you will need to set your Support Offering to Live Transfer.

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