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Locating a Patient in Salesforce

 This article will provide steps on how to locate a patient in Salesforce


  1. Paste or type your search criteria into the search field at the top of your page and press the Enter button.





  1. There are two primary pieces of information that can be used to locate a patient in Salesforce:
  • The preferred (and easiest) method is to use the patient’s phone number. This is usually the best as the patient’s phone number will more often than not only be assigned to only one (or possibly two) accounts.



  • If the patient doesn’t know the phone number on their account, the next best way to search is to use the patient’s name. After searching this way, you will have to select the patient’s name from a list (as shown to the right). Try to use other information like the patient’s area code to pick the right one.
  1. If neither of these pieces of information are able to locate an account, you can try searching by the patient’s e-mail address. This will give you a list similar to the one if you search by patient’s name. This is the least preferred way to search as it is least likely piece of information to be associated with a patient’s account.
  1. After locating the patient's account, make sure you check which platform they are on. If the Import Source says ReSupply, then the patient's account will be found in 1.0. If it says Refresh (as it does to the right), then the patient's account will be found in 2.0.
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