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This article will provide some helpful tips for address concerns that patients may have using MyAir.

What is the URL for MyAir?

What is the contact number for MyAir support?

800-424-0737 (Option #)

What if a patient can't log-in to their MyAir account?

  1. Get the patient to double check their username/password to make sure they are using the correct one. (The username will be the e-mail address the patient used to set-up their MyAir account)
  2. If the patient's believes their password is correct, provide these steps to the patient to reset it:
    1. In the myAir Sign in area, click Forgot your password?
    2. On the Forgot password window:
      1. Enter your email address.
      2. Click Send.
      3. myAir will send you an email message.
    3. Within the myAir email message, click the reset link.
    4. On the Reset password window:
      1. If you registered your account in Europe, enter the serial number and device number of your machine.
      2. Enter a new password.
      3. Enter the new password again.
      4. Click Save.
    5. If these steps do not resolve the patient's password issue, provide the number listed above.

 For any additional questions and concerns, visit the MyAir support page.

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