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Replying to Patient Complaints about Faith/Anita

Sometimes patients may have difficulties when interacting with our automated system and may voice these frustrations to you.

When you are speaking with a frustrated customer, you should always try to show empathy to them. This does not necessarily just mean saying you are sorry, but using a statement that shows the patient that you are hearing their complaint. Here are some helpful ways to respond to a patient's frustrations:

If the Patient Says...


She couldn't understand me I'm sorry, sometimes if there is background noise it can make it difficult for the system. The good news is, I can hear you loud and clear so we won't have any issues.
She didn't pronounce my name correctly That would be frustrating. The system does the best it can, but there are some names that give it trouble. 
She kept interrupting me when I was trying to provide an answer. Sometimes if there is a delay on the line, it may cause the system to think you may not have heard the question. My apologies for the frustration, but I will be happy to finish off the wellness check questions with you.
I don't like talking to machines. I can understand that, an automated system isn't for everyone. In future, if you receive the automated call, just ask to speak with customer service and that will put you through to one of us so we can help.


As always, these are just suggestions! If you have a better response to patients or if you have heard other agents using different responses that you like, feel free to use them!
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