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Transition Process for ReSupply 1.0 to ReSupply 2.0

This article will provide information and steps for how to address patients who have called in after receiving an introductory call regarding the change from ReSupply 1.0 to 2.0 

If a patient calls in because they have received a introductory call:

  • Inform the patient/caller that this is just an introductory call to advise of the changes in our resupply wellness checks. The purpose of the call is to notify patients of the change of phone number and login website. CSRs should offer to provide patients with the updated information (844-371-8195 and

If a patient wishes to place a request for new supplies:

  • Let any patient/caller wanting to request supplies know that they will receive another call out when they are eligible and may request supplies at that time.
  • Advise patient we are currently upgrading our systems and not able to submit their request at this time
    • Do NOT place a supply request in either ReSupply 1.0 or ReSupply 2.0!

If a patient is having issues logging into new portal: 

  • Ensure their email address is showing in ReSupply 2.0
  • If the patient has an account showing in ReSupply 2.0, advise patient how to Activate their account online by following the instructions found here (add email address to profile if necessary).
  • If the patient does not have an account showing in ReSupply 2.0, advise the patient that they will be able to access the patient portal (website) after the advised go live date.


These calls need to be tracked in Salesforce based on the following scenarios:

If the patient has an account in ReSupply 2.0, then you should be choosing RRS 2.0 for your Support Offering. 



Patient shows up in 1.0 and/or 2.0 and received the intro call and now wants to order

Remember! Do not submit a supply request for the patient


Subject: <HME Name> Intro Call - PT inquired on new supplies

Patient shows up in 1.0 and 2.0 and received the intro call but wants to discuss other issues.


Subject: <HME Name> Intro Call - PT Inquiry <Reason for call>

You will need to change your Support Category and Support Sub-Category to match the patient's question

Patient shows up only in ReSupply 1.0, received the intro call and wants to place an order


Subject: <HME Name> Intro Call - PT inquired on new supplies

Patient is having issues logging into the new patient portal website


Subject: <HME Name> Intro Call - Website Assistance

If the patient's account only appears in 1.0, then your Support Offering will need to be RRS 1.0

Patient received transition call and you advised of the new contact info/website


Subject: <HME Name> Intro Call - Advised patient of new contact info

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