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Using ININ Interaction Desktop


Logging In and Out

  1. To log in to your phone, double click on the Interactive Desktop icon on your desktop. Once the program launches, click on File > Log On and you will be presented with this menu.

Use the username and password you have been provided to log in. You should also make sure that your Station Type should be showing as Workstation. It is important to make sure you are logging in using the correct workstation number (your workstation should match the extension shown on your hard phone on your desk). After ensuring that this information is accurate, click on Log On to finish loading your soft phone. 

  1. At the end of your shift, you should log out of your soft phone. In order to do this, click on File > Log Off.


When you are ready to go home... 

remember to log off of your soft phone only after you have changed your status to End of Shift!

Using the Bottom Menu

  • Pickup – Clicking this button will let you answer an incoming call or acknowledge an e-mail 

  • Hold – This will put an active call on hold. You should always warn the patient you are speaking with before putting them on hold 

  • Mute – This will mute your microphone so the person you are speaking with won’t be able to hear you, but you will be able to hear them.  

  • Transfer – This button will begin the process of transferring a caller (covered more in-depth here

  • Disconnect – This will terminate the line you have selected in your ININ. For an e-mail, this will release the case, signaling that you have completed working on it and that you are available for another case.


It should be noted that you should NOT use mute as a replacement for hold. If you mute yourself, it may give the patient the impression that the call was disconnected and they may hang-up.

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