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How to Transfer a Call Using ININ

There are multiple scenarios where you will need to transfer a patient to another person in order to resolve their concern.

  1. To begin, click on the Transfer button at the bottom of your screen. Do NOT drag and drop one line onto the other to begin the transfer. You will be presented with the following pop-up:
  2. The Transfer To field is where you will put in your destination phone number and press enter. This will typically be an HME’s number, but there may be times where you are transferring a call to another agent or your supervisor. If the latter is the case, then you will need to put in their four-digit extension.

When dialing out, you do not need to put any sort of special number or a ‘1’ in front of your number – just use the 10-digit phone number.

After you have put in your destination number, you can perform one of two different kind of transfer:

  • If you are performing a cold transfer, simply click on the Transfer button and your caller will immediately be transferred to your destination number. You should only be using this kind of transfer if transferring a Sparrow Medical patient to the Sparrow queue.
  • To perform a warm transfer, click on the Consult button. This will automatically put your current call on hold and dial out to your destination number so that you can speak with the other party. You are able to switch back and forth between your lines by clicking on the Caller and Consultant buttons on your interface. If you need to combine the lines so that your caller and the other party can speak, click on the Both button to combine the lines. Once you have introduced the caller to the other party, you MUST click on the Transfer Now button to connect the patient to the other party and disconnect yourself from the call. A warm transfer should always be used when transferring to another agent or an HME.

The buttons on the Consult Call menu have the following functions:

Neither - this will place both lines (patient and HME) on hold

Caller - this will place the HME's line on hold and reconnect with the patient/caller

Consultant - this will place the patient/caller's line on hold and reconnect you with the HME

Both - this will make both lines active along with yours, allowing all three groups (you, the HME, and the patient/caller) to speak together if need be.

Transfer Now - this will connect the patient/caller's with the HME and will disconnect you from the call.

Cancel - this will disconnect you from the HME's line, but will keep the patient/caller's line connected to you. Use this button if you do not wish to transfer the patient and need to continue assisting them. 

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