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Phone Statuses

There are several statuses that you may have to put yourself in throughout the course of your work day. In order to change your status, click on the dropdown and select the status you want to be in. Use the following guidelines to help you pick the correct status:

  • Available – This will be your default status when you are not on an active call, but ready for work 

  • ACW -This should be utilized when working on any post patient contact work.  This includes a follow up email to the HME if you didn’t have that completed while on the call, and floor support assistance that you seek from a QA rep or Team Lead in regards to that particular contact.

  • Bio Break – This should be used for restroom breaks in between your scheduled break times should you need to utilize it.  This may also be used to make or receive an emergent phone call in between a scheduled break due to the urgency of a situation.  This should not be stacked just before of after a scheduled break to extend a break time nor should it be used for a smoke break. 

  • Break – For when you are going on your scheduled break (not lunch) 

  • Lunch – For when you are going to lunch 

  • Coaching – This should be utilized when instructed to do so by a QA rep or Team Lead, this would be done to go over specific QA coaching’s and related questions. 

  • Emergency – This would be used in the event of a fire drill or real fire/emergency.

  • End of Shift – At the end of your scheduled shift, you should put yourself in this status.

  • Fastrack - This would be utilized by only those individuals who are trained in this area and approval would be given on specific times of day to process this work

  • Meeting – This status is utilized for team meetings, 1:1 meetings, pulse checks, and any additional formal meetings you are approved to attend.

  • Outbound Call – If you have to call a patient back or if you are calling a patient for a voice mail e-mail 

  • Project – This would be utilized when working on any special projects (you will be instructed as to when to use this status). 

  • System Outage – This should be utilized only when your individual PC is experiencing issues that would affect your ability to handle a patient contact. 

  • Training – This status should be used when taking any LMS training (time must be preapproved by TL’s or Leo) and in house team training.

After you have finished... 

a call and any required after-call work (ACW) you will need to manually put yourself back in Available status. This can be done by selecting the status from the dropdown or by clicking on the  button on your ININ desktop interface.

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