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Performance metrics


With the newly enhanced ResMed ReSupply comes new reports and analytics to help you monitor the success of your resupply program.  These analytics may be calculated and displayed differently on the newly enhanced ResMed ReSupply compared to the previous system.

What's new?

  • Ability to track your own analytics within the system
  • Ability to narrow analytics to certain time periods
  • New reports that align with your business objectives

This article focuses on the analytics you're used to and how to find similar information in the enhanced system. To learn more about the self-serve reports within the ResMed ReSupply system, view our Generating reports article. 


Graph in previous version of ResMed ReSupply Where to find information in new system

Patient subscription changes


We recommend you monitor patient subscription changes to help determine if new patients are being added to the system while non-ordering and not-on-therapy patients are being removed. Add newly compliant patients and maintain a clean patient list to maximize supply requests and maximize your return.



Subscribed patients 

Description: Also known as Active or billable patients. Patients that we're actively reaching out to or are otherwise subscribed to the resupply program.

  1. From the Patients menu, click All patients
  2. Click Show only
  3. Filter Status by Active
  4. Take note of the number of patients listed at the bottom right of the page. clipboard_ea425d5f7f494640206e1a551b2bf40c7.png

This will include patients where outreach is currently paused and patients who are listed as Do not contact.

Patients added / New patients

Description: Patients that were added to the resupply program within a certain timeframe.

  1. Reset filters on the All patients page.
  2. Filter Action by Added.
  3. Enter desired begin and end dates in the From and To fields. (default is set to 3 month history from present day)

Patients removed

Description: Total of non-billable patients in the system.  Also known as inactive or unsubscribed.

  1. Reset filters on the All patients page.
  2. Filter the Status by Inactive.
  3. Take note of the number of patients listed at the bottom right of the page. 

What to look for in patient subscription changes

  • Do patient additions match your expectations based on new patient setups and your average compliance rate?
  • Are patients being removed (inactivated) from the patient population when applicable?
    • For example:
      • Patients who've indicated they're no longer on therapy
      • Patients who want to opt out of the resupply program.

Trending outreach graphs


Improve your outreach effectiveness by analyzing which outreach method produces the most supply requests.  Once you have a clear indication of this, promote the primary method among patients. 




View the Outreach Modality Effectiveness report.

There, you can see number of attempts and number of shipped supply requests broken out by the modality.
This report does not, however, have response rate, connection rate, response rate vs. patients connected, etc.

What to look for in Outreach modality effectiveness report

  • Which outreach modality is producing the most supply requests?
  • Are most patients outreached using the best modality?

Trending percentage of supplies requested



View the Outreach modality effectiveness report. This will show a similar graph with total supply requests shipped per month. 


What to look for 

  • Are supply requests trending upward compared to outreach attempts? There will be lower months due to the cyclical nature of supply requests however overall this should increase over time. 
  • Are supply requests increasing each month?
  • Are the amount of individual supplies being sent out per month per outreach attempt increasing?

Total requested supplies


View the following reports:

What to look for in these reports

Supply request trending:

  • Are supply requests trending upward month over month? Are you adequately staffed? Do you have adequate inventory?

Manufacturer and product mix:

  • Which brands (per supply type) are the most popular with patients? Do you have adequate inventory to keep up with these requests?

Items per supply request:

  • Bundled orders: Are the number of items shipped per supply request increasing month over month?
  • Is the Average supply request value increasing month over month
    • Re-generate monthly reports to compare. 

Patients with no email and unreachable

Make sure you're optimizing your resupply program by resolving patients that cannot be reached and encouraging patients to use multiple outreach modalities. Keep accurate contact info in the system and re-engage or inactive non-ordering patients.


Number of patients with no email

This will be in the Executive summary offered by your Customer Success team.

Listing of patients with no email

  1. Go to the All Patients page.
  2. Select Active in the Status menu. 
  3. Click the Contact Method header to sort the list.  Patients without email outreach will be listed at the top. 

What to look for in patients with no email 

  • Are the number of patients with no email decreasing over time? 
  • Are there many patients who've not resupplied in a long time that do not have email listed? It may be best to add email as an outreach modality.
  • If there's a significant number of patients with no email, an in-house mailer campaign to gather email addresses may be beneficial. 

Find unreachables 

(i.e. patients that we've attempted outreach for on numerous occasions however were unsuccessful in reaching the patient)

  1. Click the Notification issues group on the dashboard
  2. Click Show only.
  3. Remove the No contact information and  Wrong phone number items from the filter list.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Count the items listed.
  6. Compare against your Active patient base to get a percentage, if desired.

What to look for in unreachables 

  • Are unreachable patient issues (Wrong number, Invalid email, invalid phone number) being resolved?
  • Is the percentage of unreachables decreasing month over month?
  • Is there better contact information that can be obtained for these patients?
    • alternate phone number
    • change outreach to a different time of day
    • add an email address


Cushion to mask ratio


  • Gives the month by month breakdown.
  • A higher ratio means more masks were shipped per patient. 
  • This can depend on the type of mask, how effective their initial setup is, etc.



What to look for in this report

  • How do your mask shipments compare to number of patients outreached to?
  • When available, look at your mask to patient ratio over a year to see if patients are maximizing their eligible supplies.  In most cases, patients are eligible for 4 masks per year.  
  • A 100% ratio would mean that every patient outreached to is requesting at least a mask. Your goal should be to get as close to 100% as possible.

Unassigned - wrong number


Find unassigned (aka: No contact information) and wrong phone number patients

No contact information work items are only produced as a result of the information not being available in AirView when the patient was enrolled in ResMed ReSupply.  

  1. Click the Notification issues group on the dashboard
  2. Click Show only.
  3. Remove the Invalid phone number and  Invalid email address items from the filter list.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Count the items listed.
  6. Compare against your Active patient base.

To see how many of these have already been resolved, change Status filter to Manually Closed.

To see how many work items have been auto-closed and not resolved, change the Status filter to Auto-Closed.

What to look for in unassigned - wrong number

  • Are more patients being subscribed than un-subscribed from the program on a monthly basis?
  • Are patients that are no longer on therapy being removed from the active patient population?
*All data represented by the charts above are for illustration purposes only.  Benchmarking is based on ResMed ReSupply customers only.  



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