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ResMed ReSupply Demo Guide

Here are a few tips to help you in conducting a platform demo with your customer. 

Keep it brief 

When conducting a platform demo, talk about features briefly.  The demo should not turn into a training session however should let the customer know how the platform will benefit them and their business in terms of:

  • Reduction in workload and/or
  • Enhanced revenue-generating opportunities
  • Improved workflow
  • Clearer visibility into success of the program
  • Better overall ongoing support structure compared to competitors
    • Regularly scheduled emails with targeted content
    • Self-serve training resources
    • etc.

Tailor Demo based on your customer 

When reviewing each of the selling features packaged with each of the features below, think of your customer and what will resonate with them specifically.  Not all selling features will resonate with all customers.

Prepare your demo with real life examples 

If time allows, prior to conducting the demo, use the Scenario Prep section at the end of this guide to list out patients that you would like to demo certain scenarios with. This will save you time from “digging around” in the system to find a patient with the scenario you wish to demonstrate.

Don’t forget about the Help Center 

There are features that may be too time consuming to build a scenario to demonstrate.  In these cases, use the Help Center as your guide to explain.  For example, navigate the patient portal.


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