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Adding patients to ResMed ReSupply

Key benefit

Multiple ways to add patients to the system

Selling feature(s)

(Optional) AirView integration

  • Can work with our team to enable the automatic import of compliant AirView patients to the ResMed ReSupply platform.

Manual creation

  • For immediate need and smaller patient populations, add patients quickly one by one. 

Manual import

  • Using the patient’s latest order details and payor from the import the system can automatically determine the outreach and call schedule.
  • To maximize your resupply orders, generic codes will be added in cases where information was not available for “necessary” CPAP accessories such as filters, tubing and headgear.
    • Once the patient places a supply request these can be updated at that point.
  • The system is sophisticated enough to identify data rows with issues and bring them to your attention to resolve the following day.

Demonstration steps

AirView integration


AirView integration FAQs


  1. From the Administration menu, click Patient and order impor
  2. Click Show Only.
  3. Choose Automatic AirView Integration as the Import method.
  • Note: Chances are, your Demo org will not have any AirView import results here however the screens look and act the same as a manual import.  














Manually adding patients


Create a new patient

  1. From Dashboard or All patients page, click New patient.
  2. Scroll through page to show how patient detail can all be added on one page.
  3. Explain to the customer that not all fields are required but the more information added, the better.









Patient and order import


Patient and order import learning journey

  1. From the Administration menu, click Patient and order import
  2. Click Import patients button
  3. Demonstrate patient and order import page and how it’s easy to upload a file for import.
    1. Only 4 fields to fill out.
  4. Explain that any rejected records are simple to identify and resolve the following day
  5. Explain how AirView integration is completely automated and if contact info is in AirView at the time the patient meets compliance, then outreach can begin.
  6. Explain that for smaller patient populations/immediate need, patients can be added manually as well.
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