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Admin options

Key benefit

Can customize many of the resupply program features such as call schedule and eligibility

Selling feature(s)

  • Customization:
    • Call schedule (when a new outreach cycle should begin, what modalities apply)
    • Eligibility schedule (# of items/frequency)
    • Payor requirements (replacement reason)

Demonstration steps

Call schedule



  1. Explain that the same call schedule can be attached to multiple payors for simplicity
  2. Open Ongoing CPAP sleep schedule from Admin menu-> Call schedules.
  3. Scroll to bottom of screen
  4. Review the customizable options at the bottom.












Eligibility schedule



Managing Eligibility schedules

Three month eligibility schedule

  1. Explain that the same eligibility schedule can be attached to multiple payors for simplicity
  2. From the Administration menu, click Eligibility schedules.
  3. Click Add eligibility schedule.
  4. Briefly show how Cushion (A7031) eligibility could be easily changed to 3 every 90 days) if preferred.
  5. DO NOT SAVE.  Cancel.










Payor profiles



Associate a new payor with my organization

  1. Explain that every patient needs to be associated with a payor however for any payor that simply follows Medicare standards (or for non-key payors), they can simply be assigned to “Default payor” in the system.
  2. Explain that SOS team member will work with them to identify key payors to set up requirements based on everything discussed.
    1. For ISR accounts, a form with payor details needs to be filled out and submitted to SOS team for implementation.
  3. Demonstrate how payors can easily be inactivated if not dealt with anymore.  

  4. Demonstrate how for each payor, a toggle will allow changes to the questionnaire where the patient will either be asked:

    • Replacement reason: No = if they want everything they are eligible for.

    • Replacement reason: Yes = what the replacement reason is for each individual item



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