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Dashboard Demo

Key benefit

Enhanced workflow management

Selling feature(s)

  • Supply requests and work items are grouped according to a standard workflow.
  • Easily see task-based activity for the day (supply requests and work items)
  • Use a multitude of filtering options for all of the groups.
  • Familiar “Action Groups” view (some customers)
  • Optionally “assign” certain groups to certain teams if necessary (manual assign)
  • Quickly and easily send secure communication to patients through Message center
  • Receive CSR communication directly within the platform

Demonstration steps

Dashboard overview


Dashboard guide


  1. Demonstrate how items are grouped according to how they’re handled in your standard workflow.
    1. Blue groups = Supply requests at various stages
    2. Violet groups = work items related to resupply that need to be managed/resolved.
  2. Use the Dashboard guide in the Help Center to explain the purpose of each group.











Supply request workflow demonstration


Confirm a supply request

Note: Demo one group only from top row

  1. Open Supply requests to confirm group
  2. Click Show only…
  3. Click Payor (or Location) filter and select one from the list.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click on an Items summary for a patient.
  6. Click on Supply request number and Edit status field
  7. Explain how user would review the request and then confirm it once ready for final processing in billing system.
  8. Explain that once marked as shipped or “assumed shipped”, this will trigger calculation of new outreach cycle automatically and that information from the shipped order will be used to populate report information.














Work items workflow demonstration


Message Center

Work items

Note: Demo only one group from Work items groups.

  1. Explain that as items get worked, they can be closed/removed from the groups.
  2. Open the Messages group and display how Patient messages and other messages are tied directly to a patient.
  3. Explain/Demonstrate (using Message Center article if necessary) how a response can be sent directly to a patient in Messaging style directly through the platform.
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