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Patient profile

Key benefit

Detailed history for each patient in their timeline

Selling feature(s)

  • All resupply-relevant information in one place and similar to AirView style for your convenience:
    • Timeline – Full history of all patient activity including every response a patient gave during outreach questionnaire
    • Supplies – a full history of what supplies the patient has last received and when
    • Supply requests – list of all supply requests processed through ResMed ReSupply and their status (status flows to patient portal if activated)
  • Intuitive search by multiple data points
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Patient ID
    • Etc.

Demonstration steps

Patient search



  1. Show Patient search drop down to demonstrate the various ways you can search for a patient.












Patient profile timeline


Managing patients

  1. Find a patient who has completed an outreach questionnaire (see Scenario prep section)
  2. Show certain records in the timeline:
  • When the patient was created
  • When patient logged into the patient portal
  • Questionnaire being completed (click “View XX questionnaire responses” to view modal window with responses).


  1. Show Supplies tab
  2. Show Supply Requests tab













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