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Patient details

Role required: Resupply user

The Patient details tab contains data about the patient such as personal, contact, payor and shipping information. 

Patient details

From the Patient details section, you can view and edit the patient's: 

  • title
  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • location
  • patient ID
  • gender
  • status.


Contact information

From the Contact information section, you can:

  • set the patient's contact method
  • add an email address and phone number
  • set the patient's contact preferences and time zone
  • enable/disable notifications.


Payor details

From the Payor details section, you can:

  • view the patient's payor information
  • update the patient's payor and member ID.


Shipping address

From the Shipping address section, you can view and edit:

  • address
  • city/suburb
  • state/province/territory
  • zip/postal code.



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