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Role required: Resupply user

You can use the Timeline in ResMed ReSupply to view all activity associated with a patient's profile.

About the patient timeline

Entries in the Timeline are displayed in chronological order and sorted into four columns:

  • Date performed: Lists the time and date the action occurred.
  • Category: Shows where the action was performed (see the table below for more information).
  • Action performed: Shows the action performed.
  • Details: Lists the exact actions or changes made.

Category types

Below is a detailed list of Timeline category types.

Type Details
ResMed ReSupply Actions performed by the patient while they're logged in to the self-serve online service (patient portal).
Patient profile Changes to a patient's contact details, patient ID, time zone or other personal details.
Insurance Changes to a patient's insurance details.
Call schedule Attempts to contact the patient: emails sent and replied, phone calls, text messages and completed questionnaires.
Supplies Changes to the patient's supply types, quantities and last supplied date.
Supply request New or updated supply requests and links to the requests.
Document New or updated documents associated with a patient profile that includes a link to the document.
Notes New or updated notes associated with a patient profile that includes a link to the notes.
Work item New or updated work items associated with a patient profile. Includes who or what created the work item and a link to the action taken.


Access the patient Timeline

To access a patient's timeline: 

  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients.
  2. Under the Name column, select the relevant patient.
  3. Select Timeline.

Filter the Timeline

To apply filters to a patient's timeline:

  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients
  2. Search for the patient using the preferred option from the search criteria list. 
  3. Click the patient's name in the Name column. 
  4. Select Timeline.
  5. In the From and To date fields, enter the required date.
  6. To reset the filter to the default values, click Reset.

Tip: To review a patient's responses to the questionnaire, set the filter to Category > Call Schedule and Action performed > Answered, then, click View questionnaire answer(s) in the Details column. 

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