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Manage organizations

To view or edit your organization's details: 

  1. From the Administration menu, select Organization details.
  2. Click Edit.

From this page, you can edit the following fields:

Organization Details

Organization name
Your organization's name. 

ResMed ReSupply Tip: Your organization name is used patient communication such as email. You can also customize outreach and use the location name instead

Your organization's national provider identifier. 
Organization logo
Your organization's logo used in patient welcome letters. 
Customer service phone number
By default, when patients request to speak with a live agent they are transferred to our client services team. If you want all of your patients routed to an internal number, add the telephone number in this section. 

Call Schedule

Live call transfer notifications
Enable live call transfer to have your patients speak with a live agent. With live call transfer, we call your patients using the automated phone system and automatically transfer them to a live agent after confirming their identity. 
SMS (text message) notifications
Enable SMS notifications to alert your patients when they are eligible for supplies via text message. 
Pronunciation of organization name (used in automated calls)
Customize Interactive Voice Response (IVR) outreach by specifying the correct pronunciation of your organization's name. 
Organization's short name
Set a short naming convention for your organization used in SMS message notifications. 
Shipping and pickup options
Customize outreach and let your patients know how their supplies will be delivered. 
Number of days allowed for shipping
Let your patients know the approximate number of days for the delivery of their supplies. 

Supply Requests

Daily supply request limit
Set a daily limit for the number of supply requests the platform will generate. When the limit is met, all remaining calls are paused and pushed to the next day. 

Note: Setting a supply request limit does not prevent patients from requesting supplies through the portal or by dialing in to the IVR

Automatic insurance verification
Automatic insurance verification allows you to check a patient's insurance at the time a supply request is generated. 
Days until assumed shipped
Set the number of days before the system automatically changes the status of supply request from confirmed to assumed shipped. 
Organization fulfillment partners
ResMed ReSupply allows you to integrate with our third party fulfillment partners, VGM and PPM.
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