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Use location name in patient communications

By default, automated communications with patients (IVR, SMS, Email) use the organization name when they reference your business. In situations where the individual location name should be used instead, complete the following steps:

Step-by-step instructions 

  1. From the ​Administration​ menu, select ​Locations​.
  2. Click the location name.
  3. Click ​Edit​. 
  4. In the Supply request options section, select Use location name.
  5. (Optional) Complete the Pronunciation of location name field to ensure the virtual client services agent (Faith) pronounces it correctly. For example, for the correct pronunciation of "ResMed", you must enter "Rezmed" instead of "ResMed".
  6. (Optional) If SMS messages are enabled at the organization level, enter a short name in the Short version of the location name field.
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