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Three month supply eligibility schedule

The default eligibility schedule only allows a one-month supply for cushions, pillows and filters. 

If a payor allows for three months' worth of replacement supplies, you can complete the following steps to create a Three month supply eligibility schedule. 

Step-by-step instructions 

To create a three-month eligibility schedule

  1. From the Administration menu, select Eligibility schedules.
  2. Click Add eligibility schedule.
  3. In the Schedule name field, enter Three month supply.
  4. In the resupply schedule, modify each item:
    1. A7028 - 6 every 90 days
    2. A7029 - 6 every 90 days
    3. A7031 - 3 every 90 days
    4. A7032 - 6 every 90 days
    5. A7033 - 6 every 90 days
    6. A7038 - 6 every 90 days
  5. Click Save.
You can then attach this eligibility schedule to any payor that allows three-month supply shipments.
2.2.0_UAT_eligibility schedule_three month supply_110_final.png
Artboard 33@2x.png

Tip for monthly shipments of supplies

If you would like your patients to have the opportunity to receive a monthly mask but their payor does not allow shipment of three months' supplies, you can override the default resupply frequency in the call schedule rules section of the payor's call schedule.  Note: This results in patients being contacted more frequently.




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