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Outreach modality effectiveness

This article shows a sample Outreach modality effectiveness report. Use this report to see which outreach modality is producing the most supply requests in the ResMed ReSupply system. Below the sample report is a breakdown of each section with descriptions on how to interpret the information.

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2.2.0_Prod_Outreach modality effectiveness_3mths_steps_100_final.png




  1. In this sample report, email seems to be the most effective modality for this period.

Note: The modality effectiveness row represents the number of supply requests generated from calls transferred to a live agent. Unless the live call notification feature is turned on, the modality effectiveness measure will show a 1:1 ratio.


  1. This section shows the effectiveness of outreach by comparing against the number of supply requests shipped. A large gap between these two trend lines may indicate that patients are not responding well to the resupply program and may require encouragement to participate.

See Conversation tactics article for some examples on how to better engage patients with a resupply program.

  1. This table provides a detailed month-over-month view for additional details on effectiveness by modality. If there is a large gap in the trend lines (indicated as 2 in the above graphics), this table can help you identify the problem month or method of outreach.
  2. This total is your overall modality effectiveness for the period specified. The percentages match the numbers in the table at the top of the report (indicated as 1 in the above graphics).



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