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Understand IVR outreach

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system offers a low touch, cost-effective approach to targeted patient outreach.

How does IVR outreach work?

When a patient becomes eligible for CPAP supplies, the IVR calls the patient and verifies their name. The automated system asks the patient:

  • how they are doing with therapy
  • if they want to order supplies; the patient can request all eligible supplies or select individual supplies
  • if they have updated their insurance or address information

Using intelligent call routing, the system gathers patient information to create a richer experience and faster call resolution.

Tip: Patients assigned to payors that require replacement reasons must provide replacement reason and quantity on hand for every eligible item they order.

How often does the system contact a patient?

 The system contacts a patient weekly for up to five weeks (unless the patient completes the questionnaire).

Tip: ResMed ReSupply uses information, such as payor, call schedule, notification preferences and last supplied date to determine the date and time to begin outreach.

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