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What’s new in ResMed ReSupply: FAQs

How do I set the daily supply request limit?  
  1. From the Administration menu, select Organization details.
  2. In the Supply requests section, click Edit.
  3. Select the Daily supply request limit check box and enter the desired daily limit.
  4. Click Save.


When the daily supply request limit is reached, does that mean patients won’t be able to submit any more supply requests on that day?

No, ResMed ReSupply pauses patient outreach only. Patients can still call Faith to request supplies, or go to the Patient Portal to submit a supply request.

Can I change the daily supply request limit if I think my staff can handle more supply requests?

Yes, you can increase the daily limit on the Organization details page at any time. Outreach resumes immediately and pauses when the new limit is reached.

How can I be sure that patient outreach is paused when the daily limit is reached?

An icon appears on the Dashboard that informs you the system paused patient outreach.

Why do I see a number of supply requests that exceed my maximum limit set for the day?

The system likely scheduled more calls in the same call cycle where the daily limit was reached. Calls in a call cycle do not stop when the limit is met; therefore, you may see some supply requests come in from the additional calls in that cycle.

How have the patient and order import file requirements changed?
  • The patient and order import template column headers are no longer case sensitive and allow for leading and/or trailing spaces.
  • The ResMed ReSupply system now allows for spelling variations of the D.O.B. column (i.e. DOB, D.O.B, D.O.B.).
  • There is improved accuracy when ResMed ReSupply finds multiple patient matches during an import using a unique patient identifier.
What user interface enhancements have been implemented?
  • Call during and Call on lists are required and visible when a user creates or edits a patient record.
  • The Supply requests list page was redesigned to make it easier to see the current status of supply requests.


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