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Release 2.2

Product description

ResMed ReSupply is an online business solution that automates the resupply process, so patients can continue their therapy without
interruption. Designed to keep HMEs organized, this software sorts through patient populations to identify what therapy items each patient is
eligible for and when they are due to be replaced.

What’s new

  • First full product launch of ResMed ReSupply (formerly known as ResMedRefresh, now branded as ResMed ReSupply).
  • ResMed ReSupply is integrated with AirView™; therefore, AirView automatically adds compliant patients to ResMed ReSupply and enrolls them into a resupply program.
  • A user can pause patient outreach, so the patient doesn't receive resupply notifications.
  • Patients can receive resupply notifications by text message (SMS).
  • Flexible call schedule rules allow HMEs to customize the wait times between outreach schedules.
  • An enhanced eligibility engine allows HMEs to optimize their supply requests.
  • ResMed administrators can use the Product Catalog Manager to add, delete and update products in ResMed ReSupply.
  • When a user imports or creates a patient, the system keeps a complete history of the patient's supplies and adds a standard set of supplies to their profile.
  • User interface improvements such as:
    • a patient's mask, device and ID are shown at the top of their profile page
    • the HCPCS code list is displayed in alphanumerical order
    • a visually enhanced Supplies page
    • general visual improvements across the platform.

Deferred issues

Problem: In some cases, ResMed ReSupply calculates an incorrect number of pillows and cushions that a patient is eligible for.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.

Problem: On the Supply request page, when there are changes to a patient's resupply schedule or last supplied date while they are
actively outreached, the Requested supplies section may not show all requested items.
Solution: On the Supply request page, review the Eligibility summary to see the missing items listed as requested but not eligible. 


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