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ResMed Help Center

Release 2.2.1

Product description

ResMed ReSupply is an online business solution that automates the resupply process, so patients can continue their therapy without
interruption. Designed to keep HMEs organized, this software sorts through patient populations to identify what therapy items each patient is
eligible for and when they are due to be replaced.

What's new

  • Support for patient imports from the legacy ResMed ReSupply platform.
  • Support for customers and patients in Canada—HMEs and patients can now select Canadian provinces and territories in both portals.
  • On the All patients page, you can now export a list of patients to a .csv file.
  • On the Dashboard, we included the number of text messages (SMS) on TODAY'S RESUPPLY SCHEDULE.
  • Updated the AirView™ integration to allow multiple AirView locations for one ResMed ReSupply location.
  • Reformatted the financial billing file and added new Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).
  • Migrated the core ResMed ReSupply library and business services to .Net Standard 2.0.

Deferred issues

Problem: In some cases, ResMed ReSupply calculates an incorrect number of pillows and cushions that a patient is eligible for.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.

Problem: On the Supply request page, when there are changes to a patient's resupply schedule or last supplied date while they are actively outreached, the Requested supplies section may not show all requested items.
Solution: On the Supply request page, review the Eligibility summary to see the missing items listed as requested but not eligible. 


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