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Release 2.2.2

Product description

ResMed ReSupply is an online business solution that automates the resupply process, so patients can continue their therapy without interruption. Designed to keep HMEs organized, this software sorts through patient populations to identify what therapy items each patient is eligible for and when they are due to be replaced.

What's new

  • Added four generic supply items that are used as placeholders when supply item information is not available for imported patients:
    • Headgear (A7035)
    • Disposable filter (A7038)
    • Cushion/Pillows (BBBBB)
    • Tubing (CCCCC)
  • In the ResMed ReSupply Admin portal, on the Product Catalog Manager page, ResMed admin users can now:
    • associate an AirView Exchange (AVX) code to ResMed devices to automatically map devices when the system imports compliant patients
    • associate an AirView mask type and size for ResMed masks to automatically map masks when the system imports compliant patients.
  • Enhanced billing file creation now ensures the system doesn't count active patients for billing until they receive outreach at least once.
  • Patient search functionality now includes the following features and improvements:
    • Order search results by last supplied date
    • Reordered the columns of the search results on the All patients page
    • Area code and number is the default search criterion at the organization level
  • The Supply request summary section no longer includes statuses specific to third-party logistic partners (3PLs), unless the organization uses a 3PL.
  • The eligibility schedule now allows users to create more flexible schedules.
  • On the Organization details page, organization admin and SDS users can enter a custom customer service number that they want to transfer patient calls to.
  • On the Edit location page, organization admin and SDS users can now:
    • select the location name as the default name that patients see and hear in communications
    • edit the pronunciation of the location name in automated calls, and enter a short name that displays in SMS messages.
  • The system no longer locks a patient profile when a user opens the profile to make edits.

Deferred issues

Problem: On the Supply request page, when a user changes a patient's resupply schedule, or last supplied date, while the system actively outreaches them, the Requested supplies section may not show all requested items.
Solution: On the Supply request page, review the Eligibility summary to see the missing items listed as requested but not eligible.

Problem: When the system actively outreaches a patient and they receive a mask supply outside ResMed ReSupply, outreach continues.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem (we'll resolve this issue in a future maintenance release).

Problem: The Mask to Patient Ratio report counts masks and patients incorrectly.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.


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