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Release 2.5


Product Description

ResMed ReSupply is an online business solution that automates the resupply process, so patients can continue their therapy without interruption. Designed to keep HMEs organized, this software sorts through patient populations to identify what therapy items each patient is eligible for and when they are due to be replaced.

What's New

  • Welcome letters can now be sent out to new patients via mail.
    • Organizations can display their logo on the letters.
    • Outreach can be delayed so that the call schedule starts after the patient received the letter.
    • Letters can be enabled/disabled on the organization’s Call schedule details page.
    • The organization location and the patient must have a valid US address for letters to be sent.
  • Patients with non-mask supplies, whose last request did not include a mask, who are not eligible for a mask and have a last supplied date later than their mask's last supplied date now will have their next outreach date set ahead by the number of days specified in the call schedule.
  • Supply requests are now created in real time once they are submitted.
  • Changes to outreach emails:
    • The ResMed logo now appears slightly smaller.
    • Minor changes to email text.
  • General user interface improvements and system performance optimization.
    • The Patient Portal now invites the patient to Request new supplies rather than Start questionnaire.
    • The patient list now loads faster when an HME user logs in.
    • An HME administrative user can now delete payor aliases (alternative names for payors).
    • On the Call schedule details page, in the Calls schedule rules section, there is a note at the bottom of the section that informs the user about the automated outreach restart conditions when a patient’s supply request contains a mask.

Deferred issues

Problem: On the Supply request page, when a user changes a patient's resupply schedule, or last supplied date, while the system actively outreaches them, the Requested supplies section may not show all eligible items.
Solution: On the Supply request page, review the Eligibility summary to see the missing items listed as requested, but not eligible.

Problem: If a patient’s email address is updated via an import, the patient cannot log in to the Patient Portal with a new email address.
Solution: The patient can log in to the Patient Portal with their old email address or contact ReSupply Client Services to update their email address.

Problem: Invalid product data in supply requests included in patients' supply history causes problems during the patient and order import that skews the number of eligible items the eligibility engine counts.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem. (The business operations teams are working to correct product data.)

Problem: Patients imported from AirView™ who receive generic supplies, have the system date of import as their last supplied date (of those supplies) rather than the AirView setup date.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.

Problem: The Search patients field does not accept certain characters when a user selects the Patient ID option. For example, an underscore ( _ ).
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem. 

Problem: When a user creates, outreaches and inactivates a patient in the same month, ResMed ReSupply does not include that patient for billing.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.

Problem: If an organization has in-office pickup selected while they have 3PL pending orders, the shipping address is not required on supply requests.
Solution: Select manual fulfillment for supply requests after in-office pickup is selected.

Problem: The Aspect® IVR system reports inaccurate call outcomes (for example, answering machine, busy, invalid phone number).
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.

Problem: Minor visual irregularities on the user interface.
Solution: There is currently no solution to this problem.


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