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Inactivate a patient

You should inactivate a patient in ResMed ReSupply when:

  • the patient is no longer with your organization
  • you are unable to obtain valid contact information
  • the patient is deceased
  • the patient is no longer on therapy
  • the patient is no longer compliant with therapy
  • the patient no longer has insurance coverage
  • the patient is not interested in the ResMed ReSupply program.

When you inactivate a patient, outreach stops immediately. The patient loses access to the online patient portal and supply requests are no longer processed through ResMed ReSupply.

What happens if the patient is reactivated later on?

If you reactivate a patient, their access to the patient portal is restored and outreach restarts.

Will the patient need to reset their password?

The patient may need to reset their password if they have not logged in for an extended period of time.

Inactivate a patient

  1. In the Patient details section, click Edit.
  2. From the Status list, select Inactive.
  3. From the Reason list, select the reason for inactivation.
  4. Review the message that appears below the Reason list, and click Save.
    Note: The notification preference changes to Do not contact.

Reactivate a patient

To reactivate a patient, complete steps 1 to 4 above, but for step 2, select Active.


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