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Navigate the ResMed ReSupply patient portal


What is the ResMed ReSupply patient portal?

The ResMed ReSupply patient portal is an online application that allows you to:

  • request new supplies
  • check the status of your request
  • review and update your profile information
  • interact with your home medical equipment provider.


When you log in, you may be presented with the option to begin a questionnaire. This means you may currently be eligible for new supplies based on your payor’s (insurance) guidelines. If you are eligible for supplies, this means your insurance may reimburse you. The questionnaire asks a series of questions based on your insurance’s eligibility guidelines.

2.2.0_UAT_patient portal_start questionnaire_Luis garcia account_110_final.png

*Patient identities and data are fictional. 

Once you complete the questionnaire, you are taken to the Home page.


Note: ResMed ReSupply notifies you when you may be eligible for new supplies based on your insurance plan and a resupply schedule that determines when you can get new supplies.



* Patient identities and data are fictional.


Request new supplies

  1. Click Request new supplies.

Note: Depending on your payor (insurance) guidelines, you may or may not be eligible for supplies at this time. 

  1. Select all applicable items.
  2. (Optional) Enter comments (for example, change the size or color of a requested item).
  3. Click Next.
  4. Review the supply request. If you need to correct your request, click Change. If your request is accurate, click Confirm.

Note: Once confirmed, the request will be reviewed and processed.


Contact us

  1. Click Contact us to request other supplies to request additional supplies.
  2. Enter all necessary information—full name and email address.
  3. In the Message field, enter which items you would like to receive.
  4. Click Send.
Note: Once your request is sent, you will be contacted for more details.

Review my profile

  1. Click Review my profile.
  2. From the Review my profile page, you can:
    • edit notification settings (email/phone)
    • request a change to your insurance information
    • change your shipping address
    • review your home medical equipment provider's details.

Supply requests

To review your current supply request, click Supply requests at the top of the page.

To review a summary of an individual request, under the Number column, click the request number.

Note: If you click Request off-schedule supplies, you can request new supplies but you may not be reimbursed for their cost.


2.2.0_UAT_patient portal_Supply requests Luis Garcia_110_final.png

2.2.0_UAT_patient portal_Supply requests Summary Luis Garcia_110_final.png

Message Center

To review or send a message directly to your home medical equipment provider, click Messages at the top of the page.

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