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Mask recommendation

The final step in the mask selection and sizing process includes:

  1. Review ResMed MaskSelector recommendation
  2. Make final determination on preferred mask

Review ResMed MaskSelector recommendation

To review the patient record:

  1. Sign-in to the HME ResMed MaskSelector portal
  2. From the Home page, you can view completed patient records
    • To search type the patient's name next to the magnifying lens icon
  3. Click the patient's name in the Name column
  4. Review the Recommended Mask, Additional Mask Sizes, and Patient Responses sections
  5. After making a determination on the preferred mask, check mark user as complete
  6. Click the to exit

Note: To review the patient record, the patient needs to successfully answer the questionnaire, input their facial measurements, and click submit. 

Make final determination on preferred mask

The ResMed MaskSelector tool will recommend the best fitting mask for your patient based on the responses and measures provided in the questionnaire. Use the recommended mask, or review the patient responses and additional mask sizes to choose an alternate mask. 

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